The Building Blocks to Excellence - A Brief History

The Building Blocks to Excellence began as a sole proprietorship founded by Dr. Brian Higley in 1999. The company was initially focused exclusively on assisting individuals with increasing their personal effectiveness and life satisfaction. A few years after founding the company, Brian was introduced to Mr. John Spence, a nationally renowned Fortune 500 business consultant. After many hours of conversations and trainings with John, it became apparent that many organizations could be also benefit from The Building Blocks to Excellence services. Soon, The Building Blocks to Excellence expanded to become an LLC focused on enhancing excellence, effectiveness, and satisfaction across a wide range of fields - from large organizations seeking to increase profit margins to individuals looking to more effectively leverage their untapped potential. The Building Blocks to Excellence has been proud to partner with other organizations in a variety of fields over the years (technology, education, science, athletics, etc.) to help clients from a variety of backgrounds. More information on these partnerships is available via the Services link above.


The Building Blocks to Excellence Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement
Our mission is to facilitate "Execution Excellence" and "Education Excellence" movements throughout the entire world filtered through individuals (e.g., leaders, managers, students, educators), groups (e.g., families, communities) and organizations (e.g., businesses, governments). Execution Excellence is defined as the ability to get meaningful things done with high levels of quality on or before deadline and to facilitate the same in others. Education Excellence is defined as education that results in an enhanced ability to live one's visions in life (both personal and professional) and to facilitate the same in others. The focus of these movements is providing individual-, organizational-, cultural- and world-changing assessment, training, and tracking experiences that help individuals access more of their intrinsic motivation to learn and grow in ways that positively impact themselves, their loved ones, their communities, and their world.

Vision Statement
We live our mission statement on a daily basis via the following objectives:

1. Providing individuals and groups with assessment, training, and tracking experiences that promote Education and/or Execution Excellence,

2. Researching the long-term effects of these experience on participants' abilities to more effectively move toward their personal, professional, and/or organizational objectives,

3. Reminding people that the pursuit of Education and Execution Excellence is an enjoyable and meaningful endeavor that is essential to satisfied and productive lives (and that no assessment, training, or tracking experience need be otherwise),

4. Serving organizations interested in promoting meaningful change (e.g., businesses, schools, universities, heath care clinics, tutoring centers, counseling centers, human resource centers), and

5. Serving individuals interested in promoting meaningful change (e.g., leaders, managers, parents, tutors, students, physicians, counselors, and educators).

Core Values
The following list outlines our core values that we focus on every day as we pursue our mission-aligned objectives (listed above):

1. We promote Education and Execution Excellence in as many individuals, families, organizations, neighborhoods, and cultures as possible. In other words, we promote a more well-educated, personally effective, and satisfied world filled with people who genuinely desire to: (a) identify and pursue their personal and professional visions in life and (b) deeply understand and truly appreciate themselves, others, and the world around them,

2. We have a lot of fun (and constantly seek to minimize time spent in activities that we do not truly enjoy) while pursuing objectives that have deep meaning for us (and that strongly align with both our personal values and our team's core values and mission),

3. We enjoy constantly breaking down all barriers (e.g., financial, psychological, interpersonal) to the realization of our mission, the achievement of our objectives, and the living of our core values on a daily basis, and

4. We research the effects of living our mission, pursuing our objectives, and living our core values (on our clients and ourselves) in scientifically sound ways.


A Note From The Founder and Director: Dr. Brian Higley

Dr. Brian Higley

Hello and welcome to 'The Building Blocks to Excellence' website.

I have always loved to ask the big questions in life. And the biggest question that I've ever asked myself is this: What is everybody (and every organization) looking for? That is the question I asked myself many years ago as I was pursuing my doctorate at the University of Florida. Since I was surrounded by so many brilliant psychological minds at the time, I decided to start asking that question to these accomplished people to see if they could shed any light on the answer to my question. The response I received from almost every one of them was that there is no single answer. "Everybody wants something different, Brian - there is no one answer to your question," was their almost unanimous reply. However, I'm a stubborn person by nature - so even though all of these incredibly bright people told me that my pursuit would be fruitless, I still felt like the answer was out there. So I sat down and began trying to construct the answer to this enormous question.

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TBB2E Leadership

Dr. Brian P. Higley
President and CEO

Dr. Brian P. Higley is President and CEO of The Building Blocks to Excellence (TBB2E), LLC, a company that focuses on promoting team excellence, personal effectiveness and work/life satisfaction in individuals, teams, and organizations. Recognized as a leader in the area of positive and permanent change, Dr. Higley brings a unique mix of business, research, and psychological expertise to TBB2E.

Dr. Higley has worked with a wide range of organizations, from the Fortune 500 level to small family-owned businesses, including advertising agencies, hospitals, manufacturers, restaurants, service providers, accounting firms, health and fitness centers, law enforcement personnel, mental health agencies, and educational organizations. Dr. Higley has also served as an executive coach to individuals across a wide variety of industries, including entrepreneurs, business consultants, attorneys, heath care professionals, educators, and hospitality service managers.

Dr. Higley is dedicated to high quality teaching and has taught a variety of courses related to organizational excellence, personal effectiveness, and life/work satisfaction (including behavior modification, learning theory, social psychology, research methods, and introduction to counseling) at various colleges and universities, including the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, and the University of North Florida, where he has earned a host of teaching awards and honors and served as a mentor to over 100 students on his research, teaching, and intern teams. Dr. Higley is also a research enthusiast; his research interests include evidence-based methods of enhancing organizational/group excellence, personal effectiveness, and work/life satisfaction.

Dr. Higley received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida, where his research earned him the Ted Landsman Award for excellence in the promotion of human growth and development. His leadership experience is not limited to the business and education arenas; as captain of his undergraduate college's basketball team, he was named to the 1996 Ohio Athletic Conference All-Tournament Team and won the Clyde Lamb Award (awarded annually to the outstanding student-athlete at Baldwin-Wallace College) while also receiving the Dr. William Prokasy Award (given annually to one psychology major for top academic achievement, departmental contributions, and potential as a future psychologist).

Dr. Higley brings to bear all of his leadership, teaching, mentoring, and research experience, along with his extensive psychological training, to develop training, tracking, and assessment tools to help his clients produce and sustain long-term excellence and satisfaction in organizations, teams, families, and individuals.

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